She gets overwhelmed so hastily, like a sponge soaking every drop of emotion in the feelings spectrum. She tries to evade getting invested in her surrounding, but her highly sensitive heart is too tender to not bat an eyelash.


The tears cascade on her soft cheeks upon the slightest discomfort, but she’s not necessarily depressed; that’s just her coping mechanism.


Every inch of her body is bursting with motley feelings; she’s overjoyed and nostalgic and hopeless and hopeful all at once. Don’t let that hinder you from trying to understand her sensitivity. Don’t be robotic around her; hold her hand firmly, and let her delicate touch transport her wavering heartbeats.


But her realm isn’t just gratuitous tears and a call for attention, she’ll immerse in your blues too, and her spirit might shatter vigorously. What weighs a glimmer in your heart will weigh the world in hers. Bite your tongue at times; spare her the stream of extraneous emotions.


She feels too deeply about everything; that’s the only noticeable difference. So you either give her the space to mute the disproportionate waves, or you drench yourself in her entirely.





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