Death of a Rainbow

I have felt death way too many times. But it is nothing like they describe. It is not black and morbid, as you have been told. On the contrary, it is a rainbow that comes in surges of color.


Death comes in red,

Enraging and infuriating

Blinding you with hatred


Death comes in orange,

Giving you the warmth of a thousand suns

Burning you alive


Death comes in yellow,

Reminding you of the joy it took away

Robbing you of the happiness you deserve


Death comes in green,

Growing a sense of hatred within

Creating a fertile land for the hurt to flourish


Death comes in blue,

Coloring you in sorrow

Showcasing the depth of your solitude


Death comes in indigo,

Strengthening your pain

Giving power to your inner demons


Death comes in violet,

Taking away your devotion

Birthing broken promises


I have felt death way too many times

It is colorful and gruesome,

Beautifully antagonizing





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