A Sagittarian Sin

There’s something so fierce about his pace and posture, and as he struts, he causes too much friction that the land is quick to set ablaze. His eyes are quite fiery that it takes a mere glimpse to char you into ashes.


Undeterred by the lack of facial hair, his shaven face gushes seductive manliness; too sinful a sight, you gulp and glance away. And in spite of your known enamordness for brains over beauty, you find every feature on his face quite magnetic.


Your heart palpitates like a vibrating alarm over his touch, regardless if it was accidental or unintentional. Be aware: he’s unstable so you have to be in sync with his swift pace. And his overconfidence might drag his womanizing eyes elsewhere, but God when he’s yours, he’s yours. You can’t say no to his alluring smile.


His smirk is so tantalizing; his body is a tease even when fully clothed. But it is well known that a Sagittarius is a scandalous sin, so don’t play with their fire unless you want to be burned.





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